Eurovision 2018: The 10 most interesting moments

With a slew of new entries in the competition and a lot of competition-fuelled celebrations, Eurovision is getting a little out of control.

Here are the 10 most amusing moments from this year’s competition.


‘Aww’ – When Sweden’s Anna Sandberg and Finland’s Anja Håkanen took home the hearts of their countrys listeners, it was one of the highlights of the show.

But there was no celebrating after they finished the contest by scoring a huge 5-1 win over their archrivals Croatia.

Håkenen had the opportunity to win her first ever Eurovision crown.

She finished with a total of 7 points but ended up with just one point from five songs.

The win came after she had been disqualified for not having the correct number of entries for the first round.


‘It was a good day’ – The Netherlands beat Finland 2-0 in the semi-finals.

They were the first two teams to reach the final in Eurovision history.

But they missed out on a berth to the finals.

It was a day of great drama in the Netherlands as the team were given a huge lift when they beat Croatia by three points.

The Dutch have gone on to win their second consecutive title.

They finished second to Denmark, who were also in the final, in the top five.

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‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – During the Eurovision Song Contest, the song “The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am A Boy” was used as the opening song.

But it was a surprise for fans when the song was turned down by the organisers.

The song had been submitted by the band Dances With Wolves, who also won the contest in 2015.

The winning band, L.A. Guns, had previously won the song title in 2007.

The band was originally supposed to be in the finals but were unable to make it because they had been unable to perform.


‘This is not a competition about politics’ – There was an argument over who had the best singing during the contest.

Sweden’s Ylsef Kefalas took the crown for the most vocal performance of the night when he sang “The Earth Is Your Home”.

Kefas, who is also an actor, said afterwards that he would “never be able to sing anything else”.


‘We were so tired’ – In the first semi-final, the Sweden and Finland teams had already begun to sweat and it was evident they were going to need some rest.

The Netherlands came from behind to beat Germany in the second round, but Finland managed to win the title after the final song, “Till the End of Time”.


‘So I’ll just sit back and let the stars’ – After the winner was announced, the audience was shocked when Sweden’s Hanna Kontas announced the winner.

She was a star of the competition, having won in 2014 with her song “I Love You”.

She finished in seventh place.


‘I love you’ – Finland’s Hanna “Hanna” Kontias, who has sung for several pop stars, took home a gold medal.

She has been an icon in Finnish pop music, having been the first female pop star to have her own music made and winning three awards at the Eurostar Awards in 2015 and 2016.


‘Love me more’ – As the finals were coming to a close, the crowd at the O2 Arena in London were treated to an epic performance by Finland’s Kanna Hölsema.

She performed the song she sang at the start of the Eurofest festival in 2013 called “I Am a Woman”.

Kanna, who was born in Helsinki and has been married for 16 years, won a gold for her performance.


‘The Earth is Your Home’ – It was not the only song Kanna sang during the final that she loved.

In 2015, Kanna took home another gold for “I Like You”.


‘Don’t cry’ – Kanna’s performance of “Don’t Cry” made a lasting impression on many fans and also became the biggest hit of the contest, reaching No.2 in the country charts.

It went on to be featured in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”.

The song became a hit with fans around the world, with the song also being used in the music video for the film “My Love”.


‘My Love’ – With its upbeat lyrics, the single “My Loves” was a hit for Kanna.

The pop singer said after winning the Eurovocal contest, she was so proud of the song, but she also realised how important it was for her to be a part of it. TOP