Fashion blogger’s office fashion: Stylish but practical

The office fashion blog has been around since 2011 and has been a regular presence in the public eye since its inception, with the title Style Blogger: Styled Fashion. 

In its current incarnation, the blog focuses on the styling and look of women’s fashion, with a focus on fashion bloggers and designers, but also has an emphasis on fashion accessories, and is published by the fashion blogging site The Fashionista.

The website has attracted a following of hundreds of thousands of followers, with fashion bloggers ranging from Kylie Jenner to Lady Gaga and the Duchess of Sussex. 

The website also has a range of products aimed at the fashion and beauty industries. 

Among its offerings is the ‘beauty blog’, which sells products and advice to fashion bloggers. 

Another popular item is the beauty product ‘beautiful-bodies’, which is a collection of beauty products designed to be both easy to apply and comfortable to wear. 

Beauty products on the site include a variety of products to treat acne, eczema and other skin issues. 

It also offers a range that includes skincare, facial, hair care and more, offering advice and advice on all aspects of beauty. 

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