Fashion designer is the next star in India’s fashion revolution

The next star of the Indian fashion industry is not the fashion icon herself but a fashion designer.

Nisha Biswas, an executive of the renowned fashion house, Savini, is in the midst of a meteoric rise, as her designs and style are now being sold by big names such as Vashi, Viceroy, Fendi and Puma.

Biswas is also a fashion consultant to a number of fashion brands, including Mango, which is part of Savini.

A fashion icon and a pioneer in Indian fashion, Biswas has already been a celebrity in the fashion industry since she first started her career in the late 1990s.

Born in Bihar, Biswa was educated at a private boarding school and started her own fashion line at 17.

At the age of 25, she started working as a model, and she is one of the most well-known models of her generation.

A look back at the rise and fall of Nisha Biswas article Nisha has been seen on the covers of magazines, and has also been seen in fashion shows and on TV.

In 2005, Biswaj had won the ‘Best Designer of India’ award at the prestigious fashion show for Savini and it was there that Biswani took her first step in the global fashion industry.

The model, who has now gone on to create her own line of products, also started her fashion label, Savi. 

“I started my business as a young model, but my parents were not too keen on it.

They thought that I would get an income from my modelling career.

So, they decided to give me a chance in the industry and gave me a home.

I took it on as my own and I learnt a lot.

I also took on a role as a consultant.

My advice to young women in the business is that they need to be ambitious, and to keep learning,” Biswaji said. 

Nisha Biswans designs are also being sold in major fashion houses such as Fendi, Vashi and Pampers, as well as through her own brands. 

The designer said she had a lot of friends in the Indian media, who helped her along the way.

“I was working in a magazine in New Delhi.

A friend of mine called me and said that a young Indian woman was looking for work.

She said, ‘I have this girl in my office who looks like me.

She’s a model and I have her number.

I need your advice’.

So, I called her up and she told me that I needed to go to Delhi and meet this girl.

So I went there, met her and she was my model. 

At the end of my career, I had to look for work again.

It’s a good way to break your slump,” Biswas said. 

 Nisha is currently working with Savini to promote her line. 

BISWANDA Biswadi said that she was initially a model at age 16. 

I was a model when I was 16 and then I was working for a modeling agency. 

Today, I’m a fashion model and am very proud of it. 

  In 2011, she won a prestigious fashion design award for her work in Savini’s Fashion, Design and Photography section. 

In 2015, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fashion and Design Foundation of India (FDICI). 

 Bishwas said that Savini has a global reach, and the company’s collections have been sold in hundreds of countries, including the US, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Japan and the US. 

She has also worked for Fendi. 

(Source: Savini)  Nishas designer clothes are sold through the Savini brand. 

Her collections are available in over 50 countries. 

It’s a way for her to spread her work globally. 

As an advocate for fashion, she said she does it because she has a passion for the work of the designers. 

“(The designers) don’t ask me for money.

I work for them to make the fashion line my own.

I am a fashionista.

They do the work for me,” she said.”

The fashion industry can’t survive without fashion designers.

If it doesn’t have designers, there won’t be a fashion industry,” she added. 

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