Google News

Google News, the search engine and news site in India, has reported that Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have made an appearance on its site.

According to the article, the two smartphones, with 5.5-inch display and 128GB of storage, will be available in India starting March 18, 2019.

Apple has been selling the iPhone 7 in India for around three months now.

It was reported that Google had taken the decision to pull out of India as the Indian government was pushing to make it a full-fledged country.

The country’s telecom regulator has also started a consultation process on the matter.

The decision to remove Apple’s brand from Google News is a big blow for the company.

As of January, Google News was the only source of news for Google News users in India.

Google News was started by former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who was replaced by Google executive Sheryl Sandberg.

The new CEO of the search giant is Sundar Pichai.

The article also states that Apple is currently selling in India at a rate of 1,000 smartphones per second.

Google has said that it is aiming to sell 2 million iPhones in India by the end of March.