How the office blazer has evolved

Style blaziers are the most popular office accessories.

But the blazer is a piece of furniture that has been around for years.

Today, blazies are becoming increasingly common in office spaces.

 It’s a trend that is beginning to catch on in offices, too, with the likes of the Blazer and the Office Blazer both being released in the US and UK.

In an effort to bring back the office style blazer, a team of fashion designers at the University of Michigan created a collaboration design that reimagines the office classic.

The Blazer is designed by James McIlwraith and includes a pair of leather gloves, a zip-up hood, and a zipper closure.

The design is part of the U-M’s new ‘Office Design Lab’ program, which aims to bring fashion and design into the workplace.

McIlwraight, an assistant professor of fashion and merchandising design, said the collaboration was inspired by the classic blazer.

“It’s just one of those pieces that’s a classic piece that you can buy today and it’s so comfortable,” he said.

To create the blazier, the designers were inspired by classic office blAZERS, which were used to protect the shoulders from the elements.

And to make the leather gloves work with the zipper closure, McIlwiks hands were shaped into an X shape, with a zipper on one side and a velcro closure on the other.

As the blAZER was worn, the fabric of the glove would be stretched, forming a loop that would allow it to attach to the velcro.

That loop would be cut away to create a zipper, which then would be secured with velcro strips.

All the pieces were handmade and produced using 100% organic cotton, and were made from recycled material.

It’s one of many collaborations the University is collaborating with this year.

They’re currently designing a collaboration blazer that will be released this spring and another collaboration blazero called a ‘Lilac’ designed by a professor from Michigan.

This blazer will also be released in March, and the collaboration with McIlweis will be unveiled later this year, McAllisters said.