How to dress to impress office staff

With office staffs on the go for work, how do you keep your looks stylish?

To get started, we put together a quick guide for how to look professional at work.


Always wear the right outfitYou may want to try wearing casual clothes and casual shoes at work but, if you’re wearing a dress and heels, you’re going to get a few compliments.

Wear a loose fitting suit or suit jacket that matches the office and make sure to keep your hair styled.2.

Use a headband, earrings and a necklaceWhen you’re at work, it’s important to keep an eye on your coworkers and keep their attention, especially when you’re meeting new people.

Wear your headband when meeting new colleagues or people that might surprise you.3.

Make sure your hair is styledThe way you wear your hair and how you wear it in your workplace is important.

Keep it styled and styled right and it’s always going to look great.4.

Be a little more outgoingWhen it comes to office wear, you want to have a style that doesn’t make you feel like you’re not at work anymore.

Make it fun and fun to wear.5.

Don’t go overboardYou can always wear more and wear different types of outfits.

If you don’t want to look like a total twit, opt for something a little less formal.

Wear some more casual or casual clothes, too.6.

Know your roleAs you work more and more, you might want to get away from your desk and get out and explore more.

If that means going outside and getting in your own private life, then it’s not a bad idea to consider that.7.

Use your imaginationIt’s important not to underestimate your own style.

There are so many different kinds of office wear and you may just have to find your own way.