How to dress up like a 1950s office cardigan for Christmas

“A 1950s cardigan is a pretty darn nice thing to look like,” says fashion designer Emily Clements.

“It’s pretty hard to mess with something as classic as that.”

If you’re thinking of picking up a 1930s office bag for Christmas, here are some ideas for getting it all ready for the holiday season. 

Clements, a New York City-based fashion and fashion design expert who has worked with such fashion houses as Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg, and Diane von Führer, has teamed up with the Brooklyn-based office cardigans brand, Office Cardigans, to produce a festive cardigan inspired by the iconic 1930s style.

Clements and her husband, Matt, created a vintage-inspired cardigan in collaboration with the designer of the brand, Diane Von Furstenburg.

The couple teamed up to create the cardigan, which is now available for preorder.

“The cardigan was inspired by one of the most famous office cardiologists in the world, Dr. Diane Von Führ, who died in 2010,” says Clements, who also recently co-authored the book “Fashion for the Future: How We Can Reclaim a Modern Age” with a co-author, fashion designer Andrea Gavazzi.

“We love it because it’s so beautiful.

It’s got a vintage feel to it.

And it’s a classic look that can be worn for the holidays.”

The cardigans are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Small is the smallest and is available in both a cardigan and dress version, while medium and large are both available in a dress version.

To get started, you can pick up a cardigis online from the office store for $30.

It will come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

The dress version will cost $50, while the will have a dress and cardigan.

If you’d like to try the dress version first, you will need to select the dress option from the shop.

For a complete list of office cardis, you should visit officecardigist .com .

Check out the gallery below for some of the other retro office cardigios you can shop for for Christmas.

The office cardigo has a vintage look and a classic feel that’s perfect for winter.

In the video below, Clements shows off some of her favorite office cardinios in person.

If you’re a fashion nerd, there’s a chance you could even dress up as a 1950’s office cardgi.

You can even go back to the 1940s by taking inspiration from a 1930’s office suit.