How to get a high-fashion office? Source BBC News

The office in the high-end of the Parisian skyline can cost as much as €3 million and is ideal for fashion-conscious professionals seeking high-performance office space, according to a French website.

The office is ideal to work on the latest fashion and technology products, but it also includes a meeting space and a kitchen to prepare and cook food for staff.

The site said the design of the building was inspired by the fashion house Versace, which was based in Paris, as well as the designer Jean-Michel Basquiat’s famous Parisian studio in the 1930s.

“Paris is famous for its designer fashion houses and its unique high-rise residential buildings,” said the website, known as Le Figaro, which is owned by the French satirical magazine Le Figo.


Le Monde reported in December that the office building was being refurbished.

The building was previously used as an office for the world’s leading fashion designers.

It has been vacant since May 2016 when a fire destroyed the building, which housed a number of offices.

The interior of the renovated building is now a private home and a number have been renovated.

Le Cordon Bleu is the world leader in luxury brands including the brand M.W. Harris, which opened its Paris office in 2013.

The Paris office is one of the many high-tech companies Le Caulieu opened in the city.

The company is one a number in the French fashion and tech industry, including the high street retailer Bottega Veneta and the mobile network Orange.

The brand is based in Milan, Italy, and its Paris offices are located in Paris.

The offices of the high tech firm have a number locations across Europe.

The firm was founded in 1995 and employs about 1,000 people in the Paris area.

The Le Caule project is part of the Le Cairol, the French government-funded initiative to create a new city centre in the heart of Paris.