How to make your office look like a Bollywood film set

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Shari Shari has a knack for bringing the best of Bollywood to her design.

She says she’s made her home in the Bollywood world for years, but this year she’s decided to open her own office. 

When Shari opened her first fashion store in 2013, it was a dream come true for her. 

“It was an instant hit, I thought, ‘this is the year I can open a fashion store!'” she recalls. 

But things didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. 

Since then, Shari’s business has been steadily growing. 

She has opened three fashion stores in India, two in Dubai and one in the UK. 

With the launch of a new fashion line called Freetime, she hopes to bring a new level of luxury and sophistication to her office.

“It’s a new idea.

It’s a concept,” she says. 

This year, Shadi will be debuting the Freetimes collection, which features a collection of dresses that will be priced from $100 to $200, depending on the length of the gowns. 

Shari says that when she started designing, the idea of making something for a high-end client was out of the question.

“When I first started, I didn’t even know what the hell couture was, I was so young, and I just thought, how can I make something for this client?

So I just did the worst job that I could,” she recalls, adding that the idea for her collection came from a desire to create a piece that would be stylish, affordable and stylish enough to impress. 

In a world where clothes are getting smaller and cheaper, it’s important to have a collection that will help you maintain that fashion-forward lifestyle that many designers dream of. 

A collection of fashion pieces can go a long way in helping you stay in style, but there’s one piece of advice that Shari wants to share with you before you buy a piece of clothing: it can’t last forever. 

So, before you go shopping for a new garment, Shashi encourages you to think about what it will last you for a long time. 

For example, she recommends getting the longest-lasting garments that will last as long as possible.

“I recommend that people buy garments that last more than a year because that’s the longest period you’ll be able to wear it,” she explains. 

The best fabrics to use in your new fashions are the ones that have a natural softness to them, such as cotton, linen and rayon.

“We are looking at materials that have softness, they have an elasticity and that they have a durability, so they can withstand wear and tear,” Shari says.

If you’re shopping for fashion for a big event, she suggests buying fabric that is not too flimsy, which will be more comfortable to wear than a material that’s too stretchy. 

And if you’re planning on buying a piece for a fashion show, Shati suggests wearing the fabric in layers instead of rows.

“The first layer is the most important layer, so you should go in in a layer,” she adds. 

You can find out more about the Freenime collection on the Shari Boutique website. 

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