How to pronounce ‘kawau’

How to make an ‘a’ sound?

A new app is making it easier to pronounce Kawau.

The app is called “Kawau”, a pun on the English “kaw”, a combination of “kah” and “au”.

The app also has the name “Kamau”, which translates as “the kamper”.

“The pronunciation of kamau is not easy,” the app’s developers wrote in a blog post.

“We thought it would be fun to make it easy for people to learn and pronounce kamoo.”

According to the app, people should pronounce the “k” sound when using the word “kau”.

For example, a person who is talking about a dish should pronounce it “kamau-ee”.

“So, to pronounce kau in your everyday conversation, just follow the directions below,” the developers wrote.

“And please be mindful that the pronunciation is NOT the same as the sound that you use to say it in the media.”

They also encourage users to write their own words to help them pronounce kah, as well as the word for “Kama” or “Kaama”, and to add the words “kame” and the “ka” to the end of a sentence.

The app’s creators hope to eventually launch a website, so people can upload their own pronunciation of the word and share it with other people.