I love the 1920s, but I think you’d be better off reading my 1920s blog

article, the fashion blogger said.

In the 1920’s, it was fashionable to wear dark colors, she said, and it was a time of political turmoil, which meant it was more likely that you would wear a black or white dress.

She also loves the fashion designer who designed the 1920 suit, which is often worn in the movies and TV shows, but she thinks you’d do better with the 1920 dress.

“It has so much history,” she said.

I would never wear that, she added.

The writer of the article, office assistant Jessica Stinson, agreed, writing that “the 1920s were one of the great eras of fashion, and there’s something really appealing about looking back at this period and seeing how things have changed since the 1920.”

She said that the 1920 skirt is so stylish, it might be a great accessory for a photo shoot.

“I would wear this if I had to,” Stinson wrote.