‘I’d rather be working than working in the office’: What you need to know about fashion insta

I’d rather work in the company of friends than in the corporate office, says the owner of one of the biggest fashion companies in Ireland.

Speaking to The Irish Telegraph, owner of The Art Of Design studio, James McCarthy, said he didn’t like being in a room full of people.

“I think the best place to be is in a studio, where there’s a group of people that are going to be having a great time, but you have to be on top of it, I guess, when you’re in the shop,” he said.

“You’re in a small space, so it’s more relaxed.

You can’t be as serious as you want to be.”

He said the best thing about the business was its flexibility.

“The creative side is very much at the forefront of the company and that’s the way we operate, which is a fantastic flexibility for us.

I’m sure we’ll have a lot of people come from different walks of life,” he added.

Mr McCarthy has been in the fashion industry for more than 30 years and is one of Ireland’s biggest fashion designers.

His business, which opened in January, features a range of pieces that are handmade by artists from across the globe, from Japan to China, the United States and even Africa.

The Art Of Designer, based in Dublin, employs around 500 people, mainly in the design department and has a presence in the likes of fashion houses, fashion houses and other global brands.

“We’re constantly innovating, and we’ve got some really great ideas for people in the future,” Mr McCarthy said.

The fashion department is also the hub of the fashion show, with a mix of show-runners, designers, photographers and designers, and has around 150 employees, including artists.

“Every week, we have a couple of different types of show, like the weekly showcase, which has a really diverse range of designers, from designers in Europe and Asia, to designers from South America, Africa and Australia.”

There’s a big mix of different styles, so that’s one thing I love about our show, is that it really mixes different things,” he explained.”

So it’s a bit like a big show, but with a different mix of people each week.

“Mr McCarthy said that he was not interested in being seen as the next boss of the Irish fashion industry, rather than the fashion department.”

No, I don’t think I’d be interested in that, to be honest,” he admitted.”

For me it’s very much a team effort, you can’t control the individual artists.

I can control the team that works for me.

“Mr Trump’s influence in the Irish creative industry was first revealed when he attended the opening of the Art Of Beauty show in Dublin in February 2017.