Lattc Fashion’s new CEO, Janette McCreary, announces job as fashion blogger

Jan. 1, 2019 11:24:31When the company’s newest chief executive, Janice McCreery, took the helm, the retailing giant had just one retail job open at the moment.

But on Tuesday, she announced a new position: fashion blogger.

Lattc, founded in 2000, now has more than 20,000 retail locations in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, according to McCrearies website.

She said she hopes to create a more diverse experience in the fashion business and boost the visibility of female fashion bloggers.

“I want to create an environment where we all can be successful, be respected, and feel valued,” McCreeries website says.

“I want us to create something more than a store or a blog.

I want to be part of something bigger.”

In recent years, the company has been expanding into new markets, such as Mexico, Canada and the U, and expanding into other categories, including fitness wear and clothing.

In a recent report, the research firm Nielsen said LattaCo has grown its retail business to $1.3 billion in 2017, and the company now has stores in 50 countries.

It has also launched its online fashion brand, which has more then 150,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.LATEST BUSINESS VIDEOS Now Playing: Here’s what you need to know about Amazon’s new Prime Video Now Playing ‘Gotham’ season 3 finale: ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is here, so here’s what happened on set today Now Playing This is what the world looks like from space, according a rare video from NASA Now Playing How a young boy became the world’s youngest astronaut Now Playing NASA launches its next mission to the moon: ‘Apollo 17’ Now Playing What we learned from the latest episode of ‘The Daily Show’ Now The Next Web: The Best and Worst Places to Work in the US Now Playing The Best of ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ with a special edition of ‘SNL’ Now Streaming: Netflix and the world of streaming Now Playing Why Amazon is betting big on its video-streaming business Now Playing Is ‘The Big Short’ the best movie of all time?

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