NHLPA unveils black office attire for 2018-19 season

The National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) unveiled the official 2018-2019 season uniform for the National Hockey Players Association of America (NHAPA) on Wednesday.

The league said the new jersey is the first time the league has made a uniform for black players.

It was created by designer James Fischman.

The jersey is a combination of black and white pants with a light blue collar and black-and-white sleeves.

The NHLPA said the uniform is intended to bring attention to the black athletes in the league and to make the sport more accessible for black and Hispanic players.

Black players are the fastest-growing segment of the NBA and NHL players are among the fastest growing segments of the American sports fan base.

The new jersey was created to provide a unique look and feel for the players and fans, the NHLPA wrote on its official Twitter account.

“The new black and grey jersey has been designed to address a variety of fans and fans of color.

The black jersey represents the uniform of the National Basketball Association, the most visible minority sport in the world.

Its purpose is to represent the full range of the NHAPA’s membership,” the league said.

“It has been a long time coming and we’re proud to have the uniform in the hands of the players, coaches and fans.”