NY Fashion Week ‘Marry Me’ and ‘My Love Is All You Need’ Coming to VOD on Sept. 11, 2018

NY Fashion Weeks Fashion Week 2019 (Fall/Winter 2019) begins Thursday, Sept. 12 and runs through Sept. 15.

In 2019, the Fashion Week Fall/Winter Collection will include a new collaboration with L’Oreal Paris and a collaboration with Urban Decay.

The first-ever collaboration of the NY Fashion week Fall/ Winter Collection is with L.L.

Bean, featuring a long-sleeved, high-waisted dress from the brand.

In addition, L’Occitane and Urban Decay will be releasing a collection for the fall and winter seasons that is expected to include a collaboration.

The NY Fashion weeks collection will also include a collection of luxury eyewear and a new collection of beauty essentials and accessories. 

The fall/winter collection is available for purchase at L.O.B.C. stores and online at L’Ameri-Co. From Sept. 5-13, all NY Fashionweek Fashion Week retailers will offer two new Fall/winter fall collection items.

The collection includes a collection that includes a short, mid-length sleeveless gown from the L’Oréal Paris collection, which will be released for purchase in mid-September, and a collection in which a full-length, knee-length dress from Urban Decay with a mid-rise neckline and a lace applique detail is available from Sep. 18.

The L.A. Beauty line is releasing a new fragrance, “The Perfectionist,” and an innovative fragrance, called “The Beauty of Your Hair,” in the Fall/Spring 2019 collection. 

On Friday, Sept 15, L.

Beans will be available in the L.I.T. store and online from L’Arce in Los Angeles and L’Amour in New York. 

For more information, visit www.nyfashionweek.com and www.lactoseconduction.com/shop.

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