Obama, Biden meet to discuss ‘more in common’

President Joe Biden and Vice President Joe Bidens will hold a meeting at the White House on Friday to discuss the possibility of working together more closely on issues that unite Democrats and Republicans.

“We have got a lot of things in common and a lot that we agree on,” Biden told reporters after meeting with Biden’s senior adviser, Dan Pfeiffer.

“I think we are going to have a lot more common ground on the things that are really important to both sides, and I think that’s going to be a really important component of what we do in the coming days and weeks.”

Biden said the meeting will be about how to “come together to make the most of this moment.”

“We’re going to take the steps necessary to do it, and then let’s go forward together,” he said.

Obama has been critical of the Republicans for their unwillingness to cooperate with him, saying he was not going to sit back and let the GOP run roughshod over him.

But Biden has maintained a cordial relationship with the GOP in recent years, including working with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is now running for Senate.

Pelosi is expected to formally endorse Biden, as is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top House Democrat.

Polls show Biden will win the Democratic primary in Indiana, which was once held by a Republican, and will likely beat the GOP incumbent, Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence, who has not announced his bid.

But Trump is expected in Indiana to campaign for the Democratic nominee in the general election.

The meeting will also be a chance for the two presidents to address some of the issues that divide Democrats and have divided Republicans.

Biden and the president met last month after the first Democratic debate, when Biden was asked about his own campaign and about the state of the country.

The White House said Friday the meeting was held to discuss how to move forward.

Bidens spokesman, Caitlin Hayden, said the administration is still in the process of finalizing the agenda and will be sharing details with the White Street Journal.

“President Biden has been working with Vice President Biden to get a better understanding of what their agenda will be, as they work to address the challenges that exist across the country and how they can continue to achieve their shared goals of making our economy work better, building a more prosperous America, and making sure that every American has the opportunity to succeed,” Hayden said.