Paris Fashion Week: Versace, Gucci and Calvin Klein announce new collaborations

Paris Fashion Weeks is in full swing.

The annual fashion show in the French capital is the most watched event in the world.

This year, the show was also attended by Gucci, Calvin Klein and Versace.

The show, which features couture collections from top designers, was also celebrated with an event held at the Royal Palace in Paris.

A big celebration took place on Tuesday with Gucci’s collaboration with Calvin Klein, a brand with a history of wearing Versace on its clothes.

The new collaboration with the luxury label was revealed during the show.

The collection of Versace-designed pieces featured in the collection features the iconic Italian designer on the back and shoulders of the designer’s own jacket, while a matching shirt is worn underneath.

Versace also included a leather jacket for the collection as well as a pair of black jeans.

The collaboration with Guccis new line with Calvin is a big step forward for the brand, as the brand was already known for the Versace suits.

The brand was also able to add a range of high-fashion shoes for the collaboration.

The latest Versace collaboration was a collaboration between the designer and Louis Vuitton, which is one of the biggest fashion brands in the entire world.

The two brands have a long history together and it has been a trend for years to have Versace and Louis Vitton as the main characters of a collaboration.

During this year’s show, Gucci, Calvin and Versac were joined by two other designers: Olivier Dali and Paul Randolf.

The three designers collaborated on a range, which also featured a jacket from Louis Vuison, as well a pair with a black-and-white print.

The Paris fashion show also featured the collaboration between Gucci with Calvin, a collaboration that took place at the show’s main stage.

A lot of attention has been focused on the collaboration, with the collaboration featuring a range from the fashion houses most prominent figures, with Guocchi himself also participating in the event.

A total of 20 pieces were showcased, with most of the pieces being on the runway.

The full range of Gucci collaboration looks will be on display for the rest of the week, which runs from Wednesday through Saturday.