The fashion world’s biggest names are not shy about speaking out on climate change

The fashion industry’s biggest stars are on record as saying they do not believe that human activity is causing global warming and have taken to social media to vent their concerns.

The fashion industry is one of the most powerful political forces in the world.

But it is increasingly being asked to do its part by addressing climate change, which is a topic that has drawn increasing interest since President Donald Trump’s election in November.

Many have spoken out in support of a global agreement that will curb greenhouse gas emissions and push for more renewable energy, including biofuels.

But some have also voiced concern about the effects that climate change may have on the fashion industry, which employs millions of people around the world, and the impact it will have on their own businesses.

For the first time, the fashion world has officially said they do believe that humans are changing the climate.

The CEOs of the world’s largest fashion brands have joined the growing chorus of voices who believe that the world needs to shift away from its dependence on fossil fuels.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, they wrote:We believe that in the long run, the global community needs to take the lead in meeting the climate challenge.

We also believe that all countries must play a meaningful role in addressing the threat of climate change and take action to curb its impacts.

The statement comes as the world is still struggling to come to grips with the devastating impact of climate-related disasters and the ongoing heat waves that have struck parts of the United States and the Caribbean this year.

Many companies have already pulled out of Paris climate agreements, including those of the US, Canada, France, Germany and Italy.

The White House has been criticized for failing to act quickly enough on the threat posed by climate change.

The Trump administration has not yet said whether it will withdraw from the Paris accord.

More than 60 companies and more than a dozen countries are working on a new global agreement to combat climate change that will be unveiled in May.