The New York Times’ ‘new’ style guide has all the bells and whistles you could ever want

A new style guide for the New York City Times, designed to better reflect the city’s modern design and aesthetic, will debut in February.

“We’re very excited to be launching a new edition of our New York Style Guide,” said Times publisher Joseph Kahn.

“It’s a great first step toward making New York the most visually-focused city in the world.”

The new edition will be available online starting next month and will be in print on February 6, 2019.

While the New Yorker’s “New Style” column has always been an eye-opener, Kahn said the Times will also continue to offer “a fresh take on style,” in addition to its popular “New Yorker” feature, which features the best of the best from the city.

“The New Yorker has become a defining icon for New York,” Kahn said.

“Now we’re expanding that concept, adding an all-new section on fashion, art, and history to help readers find the inspiration they need in New York.”

The guide’s title is “New York Style,” which Kahn said was inspired by a trip he took to New York in 2016.

“When we first visited New York, we saw that the city was a place where people can have fun,” he said.

“[The guide] will offer a way for readers to find what they’re looking for in the city.”

The New Yorker Style Guide will feature: “The art of the New City” by Art and Design Magazine.

“Fashion and culture in the New Town” by New York Magazine.

The latest in fashion trends from Vogue.

“A New Style” feature by The New Republic.

“History and art of New York” by The Art Newspaper.

“Art, fashion, and food in the old city” by Vogue New York.

“New Yorkers of the old country” by Forbes Magazine.

“The New Republic is the magazine of the Old Town,” Kahn continued.

“And our New Style Guide is the newspaper of the new city.”

For more information about the new edition, visit the Times website or sign up for a free trial.