The ‘perfect’ baby dress

The perfect baby dress is a big deal for anyone who’s ever wanted to wear a maternity dress.

A mother of three, who goes by the stage name of Elle, has created a beautiful maternity dress inspired by a famous French maternity gown.

Elle’s mother, a designer herself, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show that her son was the first person she wore a maternity suit to school, but the dress was a revelation.

“We all loved it.

It’s really elegant and sexy and very romantic,” she said.

“The pattern is so classic and beautiful.” 

The dress is available in two different colours: a grey and a black, and it is available for purchase at, but it’s the grey that is the standout feature.

Elles designer, Emma Giorgi, has explained the colour of the dress is based on her own colouring, which she picked up from a vintage wedding dress she bought when she was still living in Paris.

She said the dress features a grey, and the colours are similar, but her own was a dark grey.

“I think it was a black dress with white piping and a white lining and it was just a beautiful colour.

I love the colour and it fits my body perfectly,” she told the Victoria Derbyhire show. 

The baby dress will be sold on Elle as a single purchase and will retail for $99.95. 

 The designers are hoping the dress will inspire other women to dress up in a maternity garment, as well as children. 

“This is such a unique and iconic piece of couture that I think it will inspire more women to get into this,” Elle fashion director Alissa Jaffe told the show.

“It’s so iconic, and so elegant.

And it’s just a lovely piece.”