What to wear when wearing office attire

Do you have a look to go with your office attire?

Do you wear office clothes to work or at home?

Do your colleagues have office attire that fits their style?

We want to know your thoughts on what to wear to work and at home.

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Here are 10 office clothes that work.


Blazer and tie.

A blazer and a tie can be both great casual and formal pieces, but the tie can also be an office accessory.

For a formal look, consider an oversized blazer, a black tie, a white shirt and dark pants.

The tie can complement a tailored shirt, a bow tie, or even a striped tie.

Blazers and ties work best with a suit jacket.


Dress shoes.

Dress pumps are a must for any office worker.

If you want a professional-looking office dress, opt for a slim-cut dress or a dress slimmer than your office outfit.

A skirt can complement any outfit, and a pair of black pumps with a high heel can also add a casual touch.


Suit pants.

Whether you wear the same office outfit as your formal dress or you want to add a little something extra, a pair is always a plus.

A pair of dress shoes with a black-and-white stripe or matching shoes can complement your outfit.

Dress pants work best when paired with a white-and and-white suit.



For more casual office attire, consider a white t-shirt or a navy t-shirts with a gray-and -white collar.

Black shirts with a dark-and/or a red-and white tuxedo tie also work.



A jacket and pants complement each other perfectly.

If there is a white coat or a dark blue coat, wear a pair with a navy blue or white jacket.

A white or a black coat will complement your office ensemble, while a dark gray or white coat will look great with a pair or a pair paired with pants.


Shirt, tie, and pants.

This can be a great casual or formal piece, but a suit with tie, pants, or a shirt and tie is always better than nothing.



When working in an office setting, consider either a black shirt or a blazer.

A bright-and yellow or black and white turtleneck is a great option.



For formal office wear, consider shoes with leather soles, a solid brown, or an athletic heel-stripe.



For work or home, a tie is essential.

A solid, long-sleeved tie will add a bit of a formal touch, while it can be paired with jeans.


Shoes, coat, and shirt.

These are great office wear.

The last two items are a mix of formal and casual pieces, so you’ll need to decide which pieces will complement what.

Do you like a formal office outfit?

Which office clothes work best for you?