What’s next for office fashion brands

It’s a tough time to be a fashion blogger, but there’s good news: there’s one more thing to look forward to in the next few months: the arrival of a new office fashion brand, The Office Fashionista.

According to The Office, it will debut its first ever fashion-centric line this fall, which includes an array of brands ranging from office staples like Gap to high-end brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry.

The line will be available for pre-order beginning November 1st.

The new brand will be the first to offer women’s, men’s, and child sizes of the new Office fashion series, which will be unveiled in November, as well as in an exclusive limited-edition palette, which is also launching this fall.

A limited-time limited-run will also be available to the public on November 15th.

A full-sized version of the palette will be launched on November 18th, and will retail for $99.

That includes a range of three styles: an olive green, navy blue, and burgundy palette; a muted blue palette with a pinkish tone; and a pink, orange, and green palette.

Additionally, the palette is available for purchase for $149, and includes the iconic Office logo and an assortment of accessories.

While this is the first time we have seen a woman-centric brand debut in The Office fashion brand lineup, the brand is expected to continue with a diverse range of clothing.

The company will launch the new range in conjunction with an upcoming collection from Burberry and Ralph Lauren.

The brand also plans to release its first fashion accessories this fall as part of its new office design initiative, which the brand says is aimed at “creating an environment where everyone feels at home and valued.”

The new accessories will be made with the same fabrics, colors, and techniques used in the brand’s high-fashion collections, including the $4,000 “Suitcase of Joy” and the $2,500 “Memento Mori.”

The new office designer is set to debut its portfolio at the Paris Fashion Week in September, and a full-size version of its palette is expected on November 16th.

Stay tuned to Ars for more on The Office’s upcoming fashion collection, which should be released in late November.