Why is there so much love for the old fashioned rule of five?

Old-school football is getting back on track.

It is the latest trend in the sport and will see the likes of Leicester City and Manchester United playing in the same league next season.

The new rule, which dates back to the 1970s, is to only allow five players to occupy a single row of the pitch and that should be determined by the position of the ball when it is played, rather than the number of players present. 

“It’s the biggest change in the game,” said Ben Whishaw, the former England boss.

“It’s been a really tough decision and the whole sport has had a go at it, so it is a very exciting time.”

Whishaw is now the head of the FA, which has been criticised for its lack of progress in the era of digital technology and is looking to revamp the game with the new system.

“It really has to be a combination of the players’ abilities, the teams’ ability to get forward and the teams ability to defend,” he said.

There have been suggestions the old rules were too rigid and players would not have been able to do their jobs well, but Whishawa said it was “unfair” to criticise the current system.

“There are players who are great at passing and they are not going to get on the ball.

It’s a difficult situation.

We have got to balance the strengths of the player and the opponent.”