Why this outfit will make you look even more cool than you already do

Posted by Fox Sports on Sunday, December 14, 2018 12:05:55What makes this outfit so perfect for work?

This casual outfit is perfect for the office, and is perfect to wear on your way to work.

Perfect for the modern office, this shirt is perfect, with a modern vibe and fit.

It’s a simple but versatile outfit for casual work or a more formal look.

The fit is perfect with the relaxed collar and sleeve detail, and the hemline is clean and neat, all in all, this is a great casual outfit for work.

The best part is that it’s a great fit, it has no stretch or compression.

This shirt is the perfect piece of work for your office, with the classic office look.

The fit is excellent, with plenty of room for your shirt to stretch out.

The back of the shirt has a classic white collar, and a classic, straight sleeve.

This looks great paired with a button up shirt, and even better, with an apron or a dress shirt.

The sleeve detail is perfect and subtle, and you can see through the details to see your shirt underneath.

The sleeves are well cut and not too long, making them a great option for men, women or both.

The cut and fit are perfect for an office outfit.

It has plenty of space for a shirt to be worn with it, and will stay tucked in.

You can see a great balance between the formal and casual pieces with this shirt, with just the right amount of space and style.